These dogs are currently being trained or are available to their future home at this time. Please note that expected finishing dates are not set in stone and will be dependent upon the individual dog and their learning needs.

Special Order

Your Dream Dog Trained to our Specifications

Family Pet, ESA, or Service

If you are looking to add a particular breed to your home and family we can always actively work with you to locate and train the puppy you have been dreaming of.

Special order pups require a deposit equal to the cost of the dog and $1250 with the final amount due upon completion of training.


AKC Registered Female Golden Retriever – Small

Family Pet

This tiny specimen of a golden packs all the loyalty and owner focused behavior of a full size golden in a smaller body.

She adores any and all human contact after a brief warming up period thanks to her early life before being rescued from a puppy mill.

A True Velcro Dog!


Male Miniature Golden Retriever

Family Pet

Seeley is a designer breed known as the Miniature Golden Retriever. His individual makeup is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Cavalier.

He has all the personality of a golden in a substantially smaller body and his giant eyes make him resemble a cartoon character you cant help but love!