Who We Are

Casey Copeland

Owner and Head Trainer

Casey began training dogs in 2003 when she was ask to take over group training classes for a local veterinarians office that still relied on outdated methods of punishment based training such as prong and shock collars on every dog. When she left for college she chose to focus on psychology, specifically the field of learning and animal behavior.

She immediately began implementing her new knowledge to completely revamp the way she worked with animals. At the time she was serving as the behavioral evaluator for a giant breed rescue and nothing puts gentle methods to the test like a 200lb dog with a history of reactivity and aggression! Since then she has continued to study and learn new skills which she now puts to work training owners how to work with their own behaviorally challenged dogs as well as her pet project of training “second hand service dogs,” dogs rescued from unfortunate circumstances and trained to the highest standard to assist those in need.

She is currently completing her Masters in Animal Science and Behavior at Unity College.

Why Our Private Training is Different

With over 19 years in the animal care and training field, Casey has found one thing to be true above all else. Owners and dogs alike thrive when they are taught to communicate their needs. It is as simple as that. Although there are many trainers who refuse to acknowledge what those of us in the psychology field have discovered about animal behavior and learning, it does not change the fact that you have gentle humane options for training your beloved pet available to you right here in the MOV.

Not only do we offer a positive reinforcement based training option for your canine friend, we also understand that to truly get to the root of many behavioral issues the dog must be observed in its natural habitat. Catch all training in a sterile facility cannot address the particular way your dog struggles with your staircase or the way they respond to your doorbell. We understand your busy schedule and offer the luxury of bringing the training right into your home with evening and weekend hours available.