Meet Your Trainer

As the owner and primary trainer with NamaSTAY Dog Training LLC I am the primary person you will see representing the business and I personally handle all private training and group classes.


I have a background in Psychology as well as years of volunteer experience with rescue groups and training organizations. I spent my early years helping to deliver Arabian horses in the middle of the night and smuggling small animals that "needed my help" into the house much to my mothers dismay. I am often referred to as a "She Hagrid" by my friends since this love of any and all animals has yet to disappear.

I became fascinated with training while in highschool, and have continued to study any and all techniques available to me throughout the years. I knew early on that the dominance style of training I was raised around was NOT the answer and thankfully found my way to positive style trainers like Karen Pryor and pat McConnell.

I love trying out my skills on new animals, so if you have a critter that needs some help, feel free to message me, despite its species, and lets see what we can make happen!

Continuing Education

Because I take my job seriously (and maybe because I am a behavioral nerd) I am constantly seeking out continuing education opportunities above and beyond the hours required to maintain my professional affiliations.  This also means I have a constantly changing list of skills that will contribute to the fun and exciting classes I am able to offer. I will try to keep this section up to date with all my training, and if you have a question about anything you see, please feel free to ask! I love to talk about all things behavior!

January 2019

Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity -  1.5 Continuing Education Hours

Both Ends of the Leash - 1 Continuing Education Hour

February 2019

Dog-Dog Aggression- 4 Continuing Education Hours


March 2019

A Trainer's Guide to Teaching Reactive Rover Classes- 8 Continuing Education Hours

Reliability for Reactive Dogs with Control Unleashed® Exercises -4 Continuing Education Hours

The Leash Reactivity Blueprint -3 Continuing Education Hours

April 2019

Upcoming April 13 & 14th- Dog Parkour Seminar - Instructor Training with International Dog Parkour Association

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

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