Real World Training for Real Dogs

Our training doesn’t take place in a sterile training center, we bring our knowledge and skills right where you need it most, in your home and neighborhood. We understand that your dog may face unique triggers and challenges in their day to day life that cannot be properly replicated in a general training facility and we want to make sure we address these fully during your time with us. By working one on one with a trainer we can create a program that is tailored specifically to the needs of your family and your dog.

Because we offer individualized training delivered right to your door, we are able to maximize the effects of training while minimizing the inconvenience on your life. We offer both weekday and weekend sessions to accommodate as many households as possible.

Positive Reinforcement Works

Behavior that is reinforced is behavior that is repeated. Our training methods rely on creating a relationship between you and your dog that allows you to set and communicate clear expectations as to their behavior. Many training programs fail because they simply punish the dog for doing the wrong thing without teaching them what to do instead. By creating loving gentle structure in your home your dog can learn to be a respectful member of your family without utilizing fear and pain. Your dog will be trained to engage in acceptable default behaviors during their down time as well as impulse control to help alleviate poor behavior during high arousal periods.

A Great Start For A Great Dog

Our basic obedience program provides a wonderful foundation for bringing any new dog into your home, whether it is a new puppy or a rescued adult. Starting with a clean slate is always the best approach so that the dog does not develop any new bad habits along the way. For this reason, we encourage all families to reach out to us BEFORE they decide on a new canine companion so we can assist them with temperament testing and create a welcome home plan for the dog that will give you the best results. What if you have already brought your new friend home and are just now realizing you may be over your head? This package also works well for more established dogs who just need a little help with structure and expectations. If your dog has more severe issues such as resource guarding or leash reactivity please see our Behavioral Rehabilitation page instead.

During our five weekly sessions, your dog will be taught commands such as Sit, Down, Place, Leave It, Come, Stay, Touch and the fundamentals of loose leash walking. You will have daily homework to complete so that you can continue to build your communication and handling skills between lessons. This package not only includes the trainer coming to your home or a public location that is meaningful to your lifestyle for all lessons, but it also includes all the humane training tools utilized in the program.

An Investment In Your Future

$500 for 5 Sessions

The average family concerned with their dogs behavior will enroll their canine companion in about three group classes in their lifetime and will often still express dissatisfaction in the outcome. Since each of these group classes costs approximately $200, when you factor in the cost of gas, training tools, and time each family is out a substantial amount of money while still frequently receiving subpar results. In a group class your dog may receive 10 minutes of one on one training time each week and your individual handling struggles may go unnoticed.

Our Training program is different. For an upfront investment of only $500 we will spend 5 weeks teaching you new ways to interact and communicate with your dog and setting you up for a lifetime of happiness with your pet. Because we focus on your dog alone we can catch training mistakes early, correct them quickly, and give you the best quality training your money can buy.

We accept cash, check, and credit in the from of credit cards or paypal credit for your convenience. If your family is truly facing financial hardship, please do not hesitate to reach out as we do have a scholarship program available for those in need.