Well Behaved Companions for Busy Lives

We understand that raising a puppy the right way takes time, energy, and patience that not everyone has available. That is where we step in to offer you the opportunity to adopt a dog that has been raised as a part of a trainers active household and is now ready to transition to be a part of yours. A dog that can demonstrate that they are not only well trained, but more importantly well behaved enough to make good choices on their own. They will come to you fully vaccinated, fixed, on flea and heartworm prevention, potty and crate trained, exposed to other animals, and used to living an active life with a real family, not raised in a sterile training facility.

Positive Reinforcement Works

From the moment your future dog comes into our home we begin teaching them how to be a part of a family. We integrate training games into every aspect of their lives while still allowing them to be an emotionally healthy canine companion. Their mental and physical wellbeing is always placed front and center, which is why we will never guarantee a completion date or rush a dog through training. We respect the dog’s developmental stages and do not push puppies into overstimulating and unsafe circumstances to help avoid future burnout. Each day we will build your dogs desire to learn by watching for and rewarding good choices. Your dog will be taught what TO DO instead of just punished for making mistakes. They will learn to participate in the households daily activities without ever being threatened with pain or fear. When they arrive to your home they will be active and enthusiastic learners ready to easily transition into your daily routine.

A Dog For Every Lifestyle

Each dog that graduates from our program will be trained not only in basic obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It) but also how to go to their place and wait patiently while you participate in normal household activities, how to wait for instructions at all doorways, and a touch command to help with cooperative care. They will walk politely on a leash, know how to appropriately load and unload from a car, greet strangers politely, will be trained to enjoy decompression walks on a long line while still remaining engaged with their handler, will be used to basic husbandry tasks such as nail trims and grooming, and will just be a generally well rounded family pet.

For those dogs who move on to training for therapy or service work they will also be taught public access skills that prepare them to visit doctors offices, restaurants, stores, and other locations they may need to visit and individualized tasks to mitigate the disability of the handler or the population they will be working with as a therapy dog. We specialize in psychiatric service dogs, but have trained mobility assistance dogs, seizure response dogs, and allergen alert dogs. Feel free to contact us and discuss if we can meet your particular needs.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

The American Kennel Club estimates that is costs an average of $3085 for the first year of a dogs life, with large breeds costing even more. This doesn’t take into account the money spent for any training you do with the dog or emergency medical care that they may need.

Our Family Dogs start at just $5000 and include literally HUNDREDS of hours of training as well as all of their basic supplies. Occasionally clients have their heart set on a particular breed and in the case of a particularly hard to find breed the price may go up simply due to the initial investment required, but we will always work with you to make sure you are aware of the final price if you have made a special request.

Therapy and Service dogs, due to the level of training involved, start at $8,000 and go up based upon specific tasks that are required.