Board and Train Now Available!

You ask and we listened! Board and train opportunities are now available on a limited basis. Contact us now to schedule!


As a trainer, nothing means more to me than helping a dog who has previously been deemed unlovable find a truly permanent home. Whether you just adopted a bundle of energy from the local shelter or your sweet puppy has grown up to be more of a terror than the beloved couch potato that you had hoped for, let me help you AND your dog get the second chance on life that they deserve with no harsh techniques required!

Whether you are looking for private training for your reactive dog or a positive reinforcement group class for your new puppy, I can help! I offer services to fit every need and budget throughout the Mid Ohio Valley Area, including Marietta ,OH; Belpre, OH; Parkersburg, WV; Williamstown, WV and more!

Group classes are taught in real world locations, and during training your dog learns more than sit & stay, they learn to be a respectful member of your family with skills like waiting at doorways and asking politely for attention.  There are no breed restrictions, like some classes, and we work hard to find the good boy in every dog.


Group Classes

We offer positive reinforcement based group classes for almost every dog, from basic puppy obedience to trick dog classes to reactive dog classes for those who bark and pull on leash.  Our group classes take place in real world locations so your dogs get used to working with distractions.

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Private Pet Counseling

Intense one on one training provided in your home & designed to address behavioral issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and other troublesome behavior utilizing modern psychologically sound methods and positive reinforcement.

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Service Dog 101

Service dogs are a wonderful tool for many with a disability, and I feel blessed to be able to assist families with training their dogs to the highest standards for service dog work in public. I offer a 6 month owner training program with assistance from your trainer every step of the way!

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The best day to start training is yesterday!

Classes fill quickly, contact me now to schedule a consultation or to reserve your spot!