Therapeutic Training For Dogs Who Struggle

For dogs who are experiencing behavioral issues, the trip to a training facility or public lesson can simply be too much. We build our training programs around your individual dogs thresholds and actively work to make sure we are training them in the most humane manner. We understand that reactive and behaviorally challenged dogs require extra care to make sure that they are not further traumatized by training methods and therefore we continue to focus on only using the least aversive methods available. By working one on one with a trainer we can create a program that is tailored specifically to the needs of your family and your dog. Our behavioral rehabilitation clients receive a step by step training plan and daily check ins throughout our time together to ensure that we meet each new challenge along the way proactively and positively. Whether your dog is barking and lunging on the leash, terrified of strangers, or suffering from another behavioral challenge we look forward to helping you build your connection and communication skills so the healing can begin.

All Dogs Deserve Compassion

Just as with our basic training clients, we choose to approach behavioral rehabilitation from a force free perspective as well. At no point will your dog be pushed over threshold and forced to react negatively only to be punished. We will apply scientific knowledge of both operant and classical conditioning along with current understandings of canine cognition to design a custom program that will ease your dog into the behavioral changes that will improve the quality of not just their life, but yours as well, If you are interested in learning the reasoning behind why we do not use punishment with these dogs, we will be happy to provide you with multiple peer reviewed studies and discuss them with you.

Your dog will be trained to engage in acceptable default behaviors during their down time as well as impulse control to help alleviate poor behavior during high arousal periods.

Every Day Support Every Step Of The Way

We understand that behavioral rehabilitation is not always easy on the owner. It can be isolating and frustrating to have a dog that you spend all your time trying to calm down and we no longer want you to feel alone.

For our owners who choose to work with us for behavioral rehab, we take a very hands on approach. Each week, after our training, you will receive a written training plan for the remainder of the week with ideas for daily lessons and information on new concepts we may have covered during our lesson. I check in with you daily via text to see if any new developments have occurred and any changes need to be made to your existing weekly plan. Think of us as your behavioral coach, holding your hand every step of the way!

Just like our basic offerings, this package not only includes the trainer coming to your home or a public location that is meaningful to your lifestyle for all lessons, but it also includes all the humane training tools utilized in the program.

An Investment In Your Future

$800 for 5 Sessions

Behavioral Rehabilitation work done in a sterile training environment can only go so far to treat the underlying conditions leading to your dogs struggles. Because we focus on your dog one on one in their own living environment we can catch training mistakes early, correct them quickly, and give you the best quality training your money can buy. When you factor in the direct daily care and attention you receive from a trainer with over 19 years of experience this package more than pays for itself by reducing your stress and increasing your enjoyment of life with your dog.

We accept cash, check, and credit in the from of credit cards or paypal credit for your convenience. If your family is truly facing financial hardship, please do not hesitate to reach out as we do have a scholarship program available for those in need.