1 Private Lesson

5 Group Classes


Are you tired of only walking Fido after dark when everyone is in bed? Does the daily mail delivery barking fit leave you with a headache every evening?  Would you like to be able to truly enjoy the company of your dog when out in public? ​Want to be able to train with your dog without being embarrassed that other folks are judging you? Reactive Dog Rehab is the class for you.

This very small class provides the personalized care and attention your dog needs to begin working through issues of dog reactivity, nervousness around new people, leash reactivity, and other issues that cause undue worry and frustration in the owner.
Before beginning this program, each dog must undergo a private consultation with the trainer. This not only allows us to make sure you and your dog are ready to begin these classes but helps you know what to expect so you can confidently attend our first group session.  If your dog is found to need extra one on one work before attending class, you can transfer your deposit toward the cost of private lessons or if you choose to not go forward with training, your consultation will be billed as a 1.5 hour behavioral consultation.

Each dog is expected to arrive to class with head halter (gentle leader type halter), a standard flat collar, and a standard 6 ft leash. A gentle leader can be purchased from the trainer with advanced notice. Retractable leashes are NEVER a safe option but are especially dangerous for reactive dogs and their handlers. I will perform a collar check at the start of each session to verify your dogs restraints are properly in place. Any dog who is not properly fitted or who escapes their restraint at any time will be ask to leave the class  as this is a safety hazard for other participants.This is a positive reinforcement only class and we will be working with the concepts of desensitization and classical conditioning with absolutely no physical punishments. Dogs will begin training at a great distance from their triggers and this class will allow for SLOW progress at the dogs pace. There are NO dog to dog or dog to human interactions without specific instruction from the trainer. I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who refuses to obey the no punishment/ no interactions rules as this will greatly affect the safety and experience of other students.

Please bring approximately 200 training size high value treats with you to each class to help us with our conditioning exercises.

These classes do require preregistration please email 2ndchancecanines@gmail.com or give us a call to register. A 50% deposit is required to schedule your evaluation and hold your place in class and may be paid via paypal or check.