5 Week Class


Adopting a new family member? Looking to start off on the right foot? This class is for puppies under 4 months of age who are currently up to date on their vaccinations.

This package includes 5 group classes in a public location to allow your puppy to socialize with new friends and practice their behavior in the real world. We will utilize multiple locations throughout the community for these classes, so please double check location when signing up!


Positive Puppy classes will cover the basics of positive relationship based training while covering topics such as house training, puppy biting, crate training, and the fundamentals of obedience. Your puppy will learn sit, down, begin working on stay, All training will take place in small fun bursts with lots of time to work on your bond. We will play learning games and each puppy will have time to practice coming when called and greeting new and exciting people.

As these are positive reinforcement based classes only, we will not be using any type of pinch, prong, or slip collar. Each puppy is expected to attend class on a flat collar. In rare cases a head collar such as a gentle leader may be helpful for large breed puppies with owners with mobility limitations. Be sure to bring up any concerns about a flat collar before class. Please keep in mind that for MOST dogs harnesses that are leashed from behind will make pulling worse and are thus not suited for our purposes.  ​We want to start our puppies off on the best foot possible!

​A 6 foot leash will work best for class. Please do NOT bring your puppy on a retractable leash. They are unsafe under the best of circumstances, and with untrained dogs they can be life threatening.

Each student will receive a clicker on the first day of class, please bring it back to class with you each week.  Please come to each class with approximately 200 bite size training treats. ​

All puppies completing this program and attending all 4 classes as scheduled will receive a discount on registration for any adult group classes we are offering for the life of the dog!

These classes do require preregistration please email 2ndchancecanines@gmail.com or give us a call to register. Prepayment is required to hold your place in class and may be paid via paypal or check.