PictureMeet Gypsy!

Every month the Humane Society of the MOV has the pleasure of taking one or two of our dogs downtown for Marietta's First Friday walk where the businesses stay open later and often have special events going on for their patrons. This month I was able to take our beautiful Gypsy to hang out at the wonderful Green Acres! This shop is amazing and contains many wonderful things besides our shelter pups... There was a typewriter there that night that I was DYING to take home with me!!!

In case you don't stalk the shelters facebook page like I do, here is their description of Gypsy,

"Gypsy is a beautiful 6-year old female Terrier mix who was surrendered by her owner on April 6, 2018.

This little sweetie has a tan-and-white short smooth coat, a short tail, and a darling face with pale blue eyes, a black button nose, and short floppy ears. Gypsy loved running laps around our HSOV Humane Officer, Jon McIntire, when he took Gypsy outdoors for her glamour photos 🙂

Gypsy weighs 52 lbs and has been spayed."

Basically folks, Gypsy is the worlds most chill dog. Don't let her White Walker eyes scare you off. She is far from icy, and instead was happy to meet every person who came down front street! A few times she thought she had found true love and tried to take off with what she thought would be her new family. Unfortunately, the love seemed to be one sided as none of these families came to adopt her in the time sense.  This girl was literally a bully in a china shop while at Green Acres, surrounded by glass figurines and high quality antiques,  and she was AMAZING...

She is past that puppy energy, she just wants to PBS and chill! Shes the perfect companion for someone who wants a dog who will give them love AND space!

And besides that, look how sad she looked when she had to go back to the shelter!

Go meet her today so she can get out of that place and into her new home.
Tell her Casey sent you!


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